Vendor Fees & Stall Etiquette

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Vendor Fees & Stall Etiquette

Effective Date: 05 Mar 20

If you'd like to become a vendor/open a stall on this website, and are not sure how to do so, or you have a few questions you'd like answered, then you've come to the right place.

BARE & BEYOND enables you to have an online presence without the typical costs of running a website.

NOTE: We do not partner with businesses that sell High Street brands.

To be eligible to open a market stall with us, you need to be a niche business selling one or more of the following:

1. 100% Natural Skincare

2. 100% Natural Haircare

3. 100% Natural Makeup

4. Bespoke Handmade Fashion and/or Accessories

5. Books Promoting a Natural and/or Organic Lifestyle

1. Stall Location

We currently only accept applications from eligible businesses based in the United Kingdom. However, we reserve the right to reject any application that does not meet our requirements on moral/ethical grounds.

2. The Application Process

The application process involves completing the Vendor Application form. Please include as much information as you can about your business (in the Description box) and then submit the form.

Once the form has been submitted, you will receive a decision via email. We aim to respond within 24 - 48hrs so please be patient.

If you are already a registered user (e.g. you have a customer account) and would like to start selling with us, you will need to complete the Vendor Application form as described above. (NOTE: In the vendor application form, you can enter the same email address you use as a customer or you can use a completely different one)

3. Vendor Fees

We charge 6.5% commission on the price of each product sold on this website (excluding any payment processing and exchange rate* fees)

At present, we do not charge any product listing fees. This means you can upload as many products as you like for free. Should we subsequently decide to start charging product listing fees or add any other fees, e.g. advertising fees, we will provide you with ample notice of this decision.

In exchange, we require you to place a choice of either our badge or text link on the home page or links page of your website. Failure to place a link back to us will result in your market stall being disabled or completely deleted from our platform.

Please NOTE that PayPal changed their refund policy on 05 Mar 20. Previously, when customers requested refunds, PayPal refunded the full amount of the original transaction. From 05 Mar 20, PayPal will only refund the original transaction amount less the PayPal fee. This means that if a vendor asks us to refund a customer because an ordered product is not in stock or for whatever other reason, we will refund the customer the cash amount we receive and the vendor will be responsible for refunding the customer the PayPal fee. For example:

A customer pays £55.00 for a vendor's product and the PayPal fee is £1.50. If the vendor subsequently asks us to refund the customer, we will refund the customer the cash amount we receive, i.e. £53.50 (£55.00 - £1.50).

The vendor will then need to refund the customer the remaining £1.50 (PayPal's non-refundable fee).

*NOTE: Any exchange rate fees incurred at checkout will be borne by the vendor. We will provide complete transparency over the fee amounts as listed in our statements from our third party payment providers.

4. Vendor Payment

Vendors/Stall owners receive their monies within 5 - 10 working days after a customer places an order on our website provided:

  • the vendor has provided us with proof of shipment and/or,
  • the customer has confirmed receipt of the ordered items

5. Stall Management

Once you've been accepted as a vendor, we will provide you with a guide on how to manage your stall, e.g. how to access your dashboard, how to create and delete products, etc. And if you're not tech savvie, we can help create your products for you, based on the product descriptions and images that you provide to us.

6. Product Images

Product images must be clear and of good quality. They don’t necessarily have to be taken by a professional. A good camera coupled with a bit of creativity (on your part) will do the job nicely! Please note that all product images are manually reviewed before they are published on this website.

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