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Natural & Conscious is the motto we follow. We want to keep awake awareness about how important is to use most natural ingredients in our skincare routine. Same we feed our body from inside we must feed our bodies from outside with organic ingredients and conscious naturally sourced products. Educating ourselves and our children into a natural world, less synthetics, more meditation, more creativity is the answer for a better world. Being supportive of small businesses brings more power to people and communities. As a company we will try to keep expenses as low as we can, have all products manufactured in the UK, using most natural ingredients, organic COSMOS or other recognised bodies approved, short shelf life products preserved with natural preservatives, recyclable packaging. We only try to focus on dry or mature skin for ages 35+ when sudden and drastic changes may affect our skin. Having this in mind we seek new challenges in finding new natural ingredients with proven anti-ageing efficacy on short and long term. We think that we cannot stop ageing, but we can age beautifully.