Market Stall Basic Setup Guide

4.3 How to Configure a Manual Shipping Method 

Once you've created your manual shipping method, the Shipping Time and Rates tab will appear as shown in the image below (example shipping method, Parcel Force Local). In this tab you can define your shipping rates for each shipping location/rate area.
NOTE: If you don't set shipping rates for at least one rate area, the default will be free shipping for all rate areas.
Shipping Time & Rates Tab
Manual shipping rates can be set based on product cost, product quantity, etc. as described in Sections 4.3.1 - 4.3.5. In this section we describe how to set manual shipping rates based on product weight
NOTE: In order to set manual shipping rates based on product weight, you must specify the weights of your products in grams when you create them.
To set manual shipping rates by product weight, select the location/rate area your shipping method relates to, e.g. UK and scroll down the page to Weight Dependencies as shown in the image below. (Do NOT enter anything under Cost Dependencies or Item Dependencies. Leave them blank)
Shipping By Weight 
Assume the Parcel Force Local shipping rates are as per the image below.
Parcelforce Local Rates
The maximum weight that would apply to this shipping method would be 30,000g (30kg). This should be specified in the weight limit options of your shipping method as shown below. 
Parcelforce Local Weight Limit
You will then create your Parcel Force shipping rates by weight as shown below and click the save button.
 Parcelforce Local Shipping By Weight
NOTE: The default number of rows in the Weight Dependencies table is 2. To add more rows, hover your mouse over the last row to highlight it and click add as shown in the image below. You will then be able to specify additional weight limits and rates.
Weight Dependencies Add Row
Once you've set your shipping rates and clicked save, your shipping location will show a "+" sign to indicate that shipping rates have been set for that location (see the image below).
NOTE: If you only ship within the UK, you only need to set shipping rates for the UK. Customers from locations outside the UK will not be able to purchase your products if you leave the other locations blank.
Manual Shipping Rates Set