4.3 How to Configure a Manual Shipping Method 

Once you've created your manual shipping method, the Shipping Time and Rates tab will appear as shown in the image below. In this tab you can define your shipping rates for each shipping location/rate area.
NOTE: If you don't set shipping rates for at least one rate area, the default will be free shipping for all rate areas.
Manual shipping rates can be set based on product cost, product quantity, etc. as described in Chapters 4.3.1 - 4.3.5. In this chapter we describe how to set manual shipping rates based on product weight. 
NOTE: In order to set manual shipping rates based on product weight, you must specify the weights of your products in grams when you create them.
To set manual shipping rates by product weight, select the location/rate area your shipping method relates to, e.g. UK and scroll down the page to Weight Dependencies