Market Stall Basic Setup Guide

4.2 How to Create Shipping Methods

Select Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Shipping Methods from the top menu of the vendor dashboard as outlined below.
Shipping Methods
Click the "+" button on the top right hand side of the page as outlined below.
Add Shipping Methods
This will open up a page for you to create your new shipping method.
NOTE: If you offer more than one shipping option, you will need to create a separate shipping method for each one.
The New Shipping Method page contains two sections, Information & Extra. The options underneath each section are described in the Table below :


Name The name of the shipping method as it appears on the storefront.
Start the shipping method name with the courier name, e.g. Royal Mail Standard Shipping, Parcelforce 24, etc
Description  You can enter a description of your shipping method here, or leave it blank
Rate calculation The method used to calculate the shipping cost:
o Manual (by defined rate area) Selecting this option allows you to specify shipping costs by rate area. You define those costs in the Shipping Time & Rates tab

(NOTE: The Shipping Time & Rates tab will only appear after you’ve created your shipping method, i.e. after you’ve clicked the Create button in the top right hand corner of the page as outlined in the image below

Create New Shipping Method

o Realtime Selecting this option means your shipping costs will be calculated based on rates the marketplace receives from a third party service. The rates are received in real-time at the moment the order is being placed.

Please do not select this Realtime option. Our marketplace does not currently receive real-time rates from third party services,

Delivery time The time it takes to deliver an order. This info is displayed on the storefront, so that customers can decide if the delivery time meets their requirements, e.g. 3-5 days. You can also leave this blank if you're unsure of delivery times.
Weight limit  The minimum and maximum order weight (in grams) that can be delivered via this method, e.g. 0 - 2000. If an order is above the weight requirements specified here, then this shipping method will not be offered to the customer at checkout.

Leave this blank for flat rate shipping.

If you choose to specify weight limits here, please make sure you enter your product weights in grams when creating products.

Vendor The vendor to whom the shipping method belongs. This cannot be edited. It will automaically show the name of your market stall. 
Status The status of the shipping method, i.e. whether or not it will be shown to your customers at checkout. The status is either Active or Disabled


Icon An image to represent the shipping method. 


Our "no shipping icon" policy ensures we do not have situations where some vendors upload images and others don't. This keeps the checkout process clean and consistent for customers.

Taxes If taxes apply to the shipping method, tick one of the available options. If your tax doesn't appear here, email admin as explained here. Otherwise, leave all options unticked.
Customer Must Specify His/Her Address Tick this option
User Groups Customer user groups that will be able to choose this shipping method at checkout. 
Use For Free Shipping Always tick this box. It is unticked by default. If left unticked it will prevent a customer from using this shipping method at checkout when trying to purchase several products from your market stall and one of those products has the "Free shipping" option enabled - as explained here.
Once you've created your manual shipping method (by completing the sections described above and clicking the Create button), you need to configure your shipping method.