4.1 Shipping Locations

Shipping methods are linked to rate areas. Rate areas are a method of grouping locations with equivalent shipping costs. To view the rate areas set up in the marketplace, select Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Rate Areas from the top menu of the vendor dashboard as outlined below.
Rate Areas  
Rate areas have been grouped in line with Royal Mail shipping zones. To find out which countries have been included in each rate area, click one of the links as outlined below.
Rate Areas - Zone 1 
The list of countries and states included in each rate area, e.g. World Zone 1 are shown in the left hand boxes when you scroll down the page.
Zone 1 Countries 
NOTE 1: We have not included all the countries Royal Mail ships to in each zone so if you'd like a particular country included, please email admin@bareandbeyond.com
NOTE 2: When shipping methods are set for each rate area, customers will be able to purchase your products if they are based in any one of the countries included in each rate area.