Market Stall Basic Setup Guide

4.0 Shipping & Taxes

NOTE: If you do not create and configure at least one manual shipping method for your market stall, customers from anywhere in the world will be able to purchase your products without paying for shipping!
If you only have one shipping method, e.g. flat rate, then you only need to set up one shipping method. If you offer standard shipping, tracked shipping, DHL, etc. you will need to set up a shipping method for each of these.
If you do not charge taxes on your products then you don’t need to worry about taxes. If, however, you do charge taxes on your products, select Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Taxes from the top menu of the vendor dashboard to view the taxes that have been set up by the marketplace Admin.
If your tax doesn’t appear in the list, please email with details of the tax that needs to be added, i.e. tax name, tax rate and the location(s) this tax rate applies to.
NOTE 1: Product prices must be entered EXCLUDING all applicable taxes, i.e. if you charge additional taxes do not include those taxes in your product prices. They will be added at checkout.
In the tax settings, the Price Includes Tax option is blank, i.e. not ticked, as outlined below.
List of Taxes 
This is deliberate to ensure customers ordering products from outside the applicable location are not charged that specific tax, e.g. UK VAT is only applicable to the UK. If UK VAT applies to your products and you add those product prices excluding UK VAT, only UK-based customers will be charged UK VAT at checkout. 
NOTE 2: Taxes that apply are indicated when adding products to your market stall and when creating your shipping methods.