3.0 How to Display Notifications in your Market Stall

If you'd like to display notifications in your market stall, e.g. set a vacation date to let customers know when you're away or inform customers about an event, you can do this by using our basic notification system.
Select Vendors > Notifications from the top menu of the vendor dashboard.
Click the "+" sign in the top right hand corner of the page to create a new notification as outlined below.
Vendor Notifications 
This will take you to the New Notification page where you can enter the relevant details as shown below.
Create Notification
There are several things to note about the Allow "Add to Cart" option.
If you're creating a vacation-related notification and you tick this option, customers will be able to purchase your products whilst you're away. If your business has employees that can fulfill your customers' orders whilst you're away, do not use the Vendors > Notifications function for vacation notification purposes. Use it for other general notification purposes instead, e.g. to let visitors know about upcoming events or sales.
If you're unable to fulfill customers' orders whilst you're away but you would still like them to purchase your products, make sure your notification message informs them that they will need to wait for your return before you're able to ship their products. That way, they can make informed decisions about what to do.
NOTE 1: The unticked Allow "Add to Cart" option prevents customers from purchasing your products as soon as your notification is created, irrespective of the start and end dates you specify. So use this option wisely.  
Always tick the Display End Date option to let customers know when you'll be back from vacation or to know the end date of your event/sale.
Once you've created your notification it will show up when you select Vendors > Notifications from the top menu of the vendor dashboard. If you've made an error, you will not be able to edit your notification. You can, however, delete it and create it again. The settings gear wheel with the delete option will appear just before the Approved status when you highlight the notification with your cursor.
Active Vendor Notification
NOTE 2: You can only have ONE active notification at a time. If you try to create a new notification whilst one already exists, you will get the error outlined below. Delete the existing notification and then create a new one.
Create Notification Error 
NOTE 3: Notifications do not get automatically deleted or disabled after the end date. You will need to manually delete them yourselves. This is important if you've created a notification that prevents customers from ordering your products (see NOTE 1 above).
Active notifications will appear above all your products. If your notification prevents customers from purchasing products, they will see an error when they click "ADD TO CART" as outlined below.  
Order Cannot Be Fulfilled
 Alternatively, if you'd like customers to place orders whilst you're away, inform them of their options.
Order Can Be Fulfilled