2.2 How to Edit your Market Stall Settings

To access your market stall settings select Vendors > Vendors from the top menu of the vendor admin dashboard and click the link as outlined below.


Vendors Menu - Vendors 

There are several tabs in your market stall settings page, each of which are described below.
a) The General Tab

Vendor General Tab

This tab is auto-populated with the information you provided in your vendor application. You can edit that information here. This tab is also used to connect your Stripe account to our platform as explained here.
b) The Add-ons Tab
Vendor Addons Tab
This tab can be used to change the URL of your market stall. By default the URL is auto-generated based on the name of your market stall. For example, if your market stall is called Happy Feet, the default SEO name will be /happy-feet, unless that SEO name already exists, in which case the default SEO name will have a number at the end of it, e.g. /happy-feet2 or /happy-feet-2. If your SEO name is /happy-feet, the URL to your market stall will be www.bareandbeyond.com/happy-feet
If you would prefer to use a different URL for Happy Feet, e.g. penguinstore or penguin-store, you can enter this against SEO name and save your settings.
NOTE: This action will not change the name of your market stall. Your market stall will still be called Happy Feet however the URL to Happy Feet will be either www.bareandbeyond.com/penguinstore or www.bareandbeyond.com/penguin-store, depending on what you enter against SEO name. 
To change the name of your market stall, you would need to change Market Stall Name in the General Tab.
c) The Description Tab
Vendor Description Tab 
This tab contains the description of your market stall, e.g. who you are, what you sell, etc. and is auto-populated with the information you provided under Business Description in your vendor application. That information can be editing from here.
d) The Logos Tab
Vendor Logos Tab
This tab contains your market stall logo and the logo that appears on the invoices sent to your customers. The maximum image sizes for all logos are defined in the table below.
NOTE: Any logos larger than the defined maximum pixel sizes by length and/or by width will be deleted.
Logo Description Maximum Logo Size

Logo for the customer area

150 x 150 pixels

Logo for invoices

240 x 90 pixels
 e) The Vendor Plan Tab
Vendor Plan Tab
This tab defines all available vendor plans and their related fee structures. All our vendors are currently on the Starter Plan, which excludes product listing fees. In the future, should we decide to create a range of plans that include product listing fees, existing vendors will be able to edit their plans from this tab.
f) The Terms & Conditions Tab
Vendor Terms Tab 
By default, customers are required to agree to the marketplace terms of sale prior to purchase. If your market stall has specific terms & conditions that are not covered by our Terms of Sale, our Shipping Policy and/or our Returns Policy, please enter your terms in this tab.
At checkout, customers will then be prompted to agree to the terms & conditions of your market stall - in addition to the marketplace terms of sale - prior to purchase.