2.1 Connected Accounts and Data Privacy

When you first attempt to connect your Stripe account to our platform as described here, the message on the Stripe connect interface can be quite alarming.
Stripe Connect Message
We assure you that there is no need to worry. What this message means is that the connected accounts will grant us limited access to your Stripe dashboard via our marketplace Stripe account. This access is necessary;
1. To enable the transfer of money between our accounts when customers purchase products on our website, and,
2. To enable us to process refunds to customers on your behalf should you be unable to do so yourself, e.g. if, for example, you're unable to fulfill the customer's order because you're away on holiday and you forgot to display a notification in your market stall. This access is explained by the sentence on the Stripe connect interface: "They'll also be able to create new payments and take other actions for you."
We only have the level of access described in (1) and (2) above for transactions originating from our website. 
Whilst we may also be able to view transactions in your Stripe account in relation to purchases from your website or any other 3rd party website (as explained by the sentence on the Stripe connect interface: "BARE & BEYOND will be able to see your account data (such as all payment and payout history), including any data created by other platforms you've connected."), we do not have access to refund those transactions. Nor do we have access to transfer money earned from those transactions into our Stripe account.
All cash movements are logged in your Stripe account, so you'll be able to verify that any cash movements between your account and our account are in relation to customer purchases originating from our website. 
In relation to the personal data held in the Settings page of your Stripe account, e.g. your bank account details, etc. rest assured that whilst we can access that page, we do not have access to all the sections held within it. This can easily be verified by yourselves by comparing the screenshot below - outlining what we can see - to the Settings page of your Stripe account when you log in. Furthermore any sections that we can see on your Settings page do not have links for us to click on. 
Vendor Stripe Settings
Stripe protects your personal data. We are only allowed edit access to the parts of your account that are relevant to the successful re-distribution of transactions originating from our website.