2.0 How to Connect your Market Stall

This section outlines how to connect your Stripe account to our platform.
Customers are currently able to pay for their products using either PayPal or Stripe. PayPal is the default payment option.
It's important to note that Stripe will only appear to a customer as a payment option if all the vendors in the customer's cart have Stripe accounts that are connected to our platform. If a customer chooses to pay for their products using PayPal, we will receive all the money and subsequently transfer your portion to your PayPal account within 5 - 10 working days. 
If a customer chooses to pay for their products using Stripe, the money will be auto-distributed between all vendors in the cart. Each vendor will receive their portion into their Stripe accounts instantly (i.e. no waiting time).
NOTE: Regardless of a customer's payment method, the portion received by vendors will be the product and shipping amount, less our commission, less the PayPal/Stripe processing fee, less exchange rate fees (if applicable).
Therefore, in order to get paid, you will need to:
1. Provide us with the email address of your PayPal business account (this information is mandatory because PayPal is our default payment method. The email is obtained as part of your vendor application), and
2. Connect your Stripe account to our platform as described below. If you don't have a Stripe account you can still follow the instructions below to apply for one (having a Stripe account is not mandatory and is therefore left at your discretion)
In the admin dashboard, select Vendors > Vendors from the top menu and click the link to your store settings as outlined below.
Vendors Menu - Vendors
Make sure you're in the General tab as outlined below.
Vendor General Tab
Scroll down to the bottom of the General tab and click on the Connect with Stripe button as outlined below.
Vendor Stripe Connect
You will be taken to the Stripe Connect page where you can either log into your Stripe account or apply for a new Stripe account. If you have a Stripe account, log into your account by clicking the link outlined below.
If - upon reading the text in the image below - you have any concerns about your data privacy, click here for details of the data restrictions applied to Stripe accounts connected to our platform.
Log into Stripe 
Once you've logged into your Stripe account, click on the Connect my Stripe account button.
Connect My Stripe Account  
Your Stripe account will then be connected to our platform as confirmed in the diagram below.
NOTE:To disconnect your account in the future, simply click the Disconnect account button. 
Stripe Account Connected 
If you don't have a Stripe account scroll down the page and complete the Stripe application form.
Create Stripe Account
When you reach the bottom of the form click the Authorize access to this account button to connect your new account to our platform. 
Authorise Stripe Access
NOTE: You will not be able to receive money into your Stripe account until you've completed Stripe's onboarding process and your account is live