Market Stall Basic Setup Guide

Hello and welcome.

This guide has been put together to help you set up and manage your market stall correctly. To keep things simple, we’ve only included the basic information you need to start selling.

Our platform has numerous weird and wonderful capabilities so if there’s anything more specific you would like to know, e.g. in relation to product options or shipping methods, please email us and we’ll be happy to help.

NOTE: If you do not create and configure a manual shipping method for your market stall, customers from anywhere in the world will be able to purchase your products without paying for shipping!

Table of Contents

1.0 How to Access your Market Stall

2.0 How to Connect your Market Stall

2.1 Connected Accounts and Data Privacy

2.2 How to Edit your Market Stall Settings

3.0 How to Display Notifications in your Market Stall

4.0 Shipping & Taxes 

4.3.1 How to Make Shipping Cost Depend on Order Total 
4.3.2 How to Make Shipping Cost Depend on the Product Amount
4.3.3 How to Set up a Free Shipping Method
4.3.4 How to Offer Free Shipping When the Order Total Exceeds a Certain Value 
4.3.5 Other Ways to Set up Free Shipping 
4.3.6 Error - Manual Shipping Method Not Displaying at Checkout 

5.0 Product Management 

5.1 Product Categories and Sub-Categories 
5.2 How to Add One Product 
5.3 How to Add Multiple Products
5.4 Product Properties (Tabs) 

6.0 Order Management