JustBe Happy Body Butter - my favourite product ever… This is a mega sized jar filled with gorgeous citrus scented cream that’s just lush. The scent honestly it just makes me feel vibrant and awake. It’s a damn superhero in a jar that’s what it is!

JustBe Soft Lip Balm - I adore the light minty scent, and it keeps my lips feeling so soft for a good few hours at a time.

JustBe Cleansing Gel - Is wonderfully refreshing and uplifting in the mornings as it is scented with mandarin and grapefruit. Because this does not contain SLS or other harsh surfactants this leaves the skin feeling really fresh and clean without the dry/tight feeling you can sometimes get from face washes.

JustBe Restoring Cream - This multi purpose product is a moisturiser and sunscreen all in one. Upon application the skin feels hydrated. It provides the perfect base for makeup

JustBe Cleansing Balm - This one of the nicest cleansing balms I have ever used. I know you know how many cleansing balms I have used in my lifetime. It’s that good.

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