The Transition To Natural Skincare’ve decided to go natural?

That's great! You won’t be disappointed. Before you embark on this truly rewarding experience there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, results from the use of natural skincare products are rarely visible overnight. The process is gradual and usually in line with your skin’s natural regenerative process.


If you’re using natural skincare products for the first time, after a long period of using chemically laden ones, it’s not unexpected for your skin to go through a detox process. This detox process ensures that any residue left by the synthetic ingredients in not-so-natural products is completely dissipated from your skin, allowing the natural ingredients to take effect.The detox can take up to 30 days.

There are two ways that your body eliminates toxins

Through your kidneys and through your skin.
Ideally you want your body to eliminate toxins through your kidneys. This is where water comes in. The more water your drink, the better. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body will try to get rid of the toxins through your skin. This is where you might see one or two pimples pop up on your face, not to be confused by rashes caused by irritation. Detox pimples tend to be larger and isolated.

Add a thin slice of fresh lemon to every glass of water you drink.

This will help quicken the detox process because lemon is a powerful natural detoxing agent. If you find the water is too bitter for your liking you can pop the slice of lemon into a 500ml bottle of water, thus diluting the bitterness further.
With the continued use of natural skincare products you’ll be amazed at the transformation in your skin. This is because your skin is able to absorb and obtain nourishment from the natural herbs and oils present in these products. But more importantly, your skin is able to BREATHE. The mineral oils and petrolatum present in not-so-natural skincare products cannot be absorbed by your skin. They simply sit on top of it, clog its pores and prevent it from breathing. Suffocated skin will find ways to let you know it’s out of balance by exhibiting extra dry or extra oily symptoms.
Now that you’re better informed about the basics, we wish you a smooth and stress-free transition!