Why Are Parabens So Bad Anyway?

Almost anyone with the faintest interest in pursuing a more natural and organic lifestyle is aware of parabens.

Here, at the BAREANDBEYOND.COM marketplace, we have paraben-free hair care products from various leading vendors.
But are you boycotting parabens simply because they’re the ‘bad guys’ among common product ingredients, without knowing anything about the science?
Here’s the essential lowdown from our skincare and hair care experts.

A quick introduction to parabens

Parabens are chemicals that have preservative qualities. This helps to explain why they are so common in beauty and hair care products today.
There aren’t many obvious advantages of parabens, except that they’re very effective at making products last longer by preserving the freshness of vital ingredients.
Parabens kill moulds and funguses before they are able to spread and damage products. They’re therefore a big part of why you will rarely have the problem of a mainstream beauty or hair care product going bad in your medicine cabinet before you have the chance to use it.

Seek out paraben-free products to live the healthiest life

Now, if this preservative quality was the only distinguishing thing about parabens, there would be little market for paraben-free hair care products. Sadly, it has been alleged in some quarters that there is a link between their use and the development of certain cancers.
Some studies have suggested that common parabens such as ethylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben may contribute to the development of cancerous tumours.
It should be noted that there is disagreement among medical researchers as to the extent to which we should be worrying about parabens. However, what isn’t in much doubt is that these chemicals are present in some cancerous tumour tissue.
It’s therefore hard to blame a lot of people for being outraged to learn that they have been unwittingly using parabens on their bodies for what may have been many years.
Many such people, when they discover that more than three-quarters of beauty and healthcare products in the marketplace contain parabens, decide to specifically seek out paraben-free alternatives to be on the safe side. Plus, with more and more natural and organic products becoming available all of the time, living paraben-free is getting easier!
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