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We are a small company that create luxury handmade hair care products for natural afro hair. Utilising our products, you can easily maintain your afro or mixed textured hair in its natural state.
Like us, if you embrace your curls and waves, you may have no desire to permanently straighten your hair over and over again with strong chemicals. Braid-out or twist-out styles look great and are also an easy alternative to extensions and weaves. Save time! No need for spending hours in the chair adding or removing hundreds of braids.
When making our Clay Conditioner and Curl and Wave Wax, we strictly avoid the addition of unnecessary chemicals. Our products have not been coloured to match labelling or packaging. They do not exhibit a pearly sheen, added gloss or exude strong fragrance.
Everything we produce is free from parabens and petroleum based materials. We believe in basing our products on beneficial natural ingredients such as bentonite clay and natural oils. Organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic argan oil are real favourites and Mother Nature’s gift to us.
We are proud of our products and hope you will love them too. 
Happy styling!


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